We are thrilled to bring to you a superb portfolio of Gundog Events at the Weston Park Country Fair this September. Hosted by the superb team at BASC, there will be some fantastic competitions for some outstanding working dogs who love a bit of a challenge!

Gundogs are a popular feature at the Weston Park Country Fair, and from the Gundog Scurries to the popular BASC Scurry League, there will be a whole host of exciting challenges to sign up to. Plus, for those who have never tried their furry companions out on the field, there will also be plenty of have-a-go opportunities for newbies to try out too.

BASC Scurry League sponsored by Skinner’s Field & Trial

The BASC Scurry League, kindly sponsored by Skinner’s Field & Trial, has a range of competitions including for Juniors and Novices. There will be prizes worth over £1000 up for grabs on the Saturday of the event, and there will also be one last chance to qualify for the prestigious Grand Final, which takes place on the Sunday of the countryside attraction.

BASC Gundog Scurries

The BASC Gundog Scurries has a range of exciting challenges that will really test the mettle of you and your dog. The Scurries are a great place to pit your gundogs against the clock and are also great for meeting other competitors with a passion for this type of sport too.

Scurries for this year include Obstacle, Multi-Pick-Up, Partridge Pen, Long Retrieve and Pick & Mix… Have you got what it takes?

The BASC Scurry League, BASC Gundog Scurries, and of course, the Grand Final, will take place at the Weston Park Country Fair this September. To get involved in all of the action this season, just turn up and sign up, it really is that simple!

If you’re on the lookout for something different to entertain the family this September, browse this website and discover everything that’s in store. Visitors can also pre-book tickets and save too, simply click here for more information.

Your countryside adventure awaits!