The superb Clay Shooting competitions took place at the Weston Park Country Fair with some talented shots taking away some excellent prizes and the new 2022 winning titles too.

Organised and run by Oxford Gun Company and Bristol Clay Shooting, and kindly supported by Bowman Traps and Yildiz, the Clay Shooting Line offered 50 English Sporting and two levels of entry open to all shooters.

Along with some amazing cash prizes awarded across the weekend, the Overall High Gun was awarded to R. Hughes who scored 44 for his stunning performance. Mr Hughes also walked away with a brand new Yildiz Shotgun rr, along with raffle winner R. Toth. A very well done to all who took part at this year’s Weston Park Country Fair.

Take a look at all the results from the Clay Shooting competitions from the Weston Park Country Fair below…


Clay Shooting Results Saturday 17th September


Open / Trophy

1st        High Gun – Foxley       40

2nd       Charlie & Bunn            39

3rd        S. Aston                       37

4th        A. Aston                      36



1st        High Gun – B. Haugh  23

2nd       K. Shaw                       17

3rd        A. Betts                       15



1st        High Gun – Foxley       32

2nd       M. Chesterton             23



1st        Hugh Gun – R. Hughes            44

2nd       N. Smith                      41

3rd        Wilkinson                    40

4th        K. Childs                      39


Clay Shooting Results Sunday 18th September


Open / Trophy

1st        High Gun – J. Smith    37

2nd       G. Roberts & T. Hasson 36

3rd        Cooper & D. Brown     35

4th        J. Hall                          33



1st        High Gun – M. Meadows        33

2nd       C. Ruffell                     25

3rd        C. Anderson                 17



1st        High Gun – T. Jones    29

2nd       Bailey & Hands           17

3rd        J. Hall                          16




1st        High Gun – Simmons 42

2nd       D. Harley         41

3rd        J. Rhodes         40

4th        J. Williams, A. Thompson, Whitwick, Stancliff & D. Davis      35


Raffle Winner and Winner of Yildiz Shotgun            R. Toth

Overall High Gun and Winner of Yildiz Shotgun       R. Hughes        44