The Weston Park Country Fair played host to the highly anticipated BASC Gundog Events over 17th and 18th September. Along with lots of sporting competition finals taking place across the showground, Weston warmly welcomed back qualifiers from previous rounds to crown some worthy winners.

Kindly sponsored by Skinner’s Field & Trial, the 2022 BASC Scurry League included a range of daily competitions including for juniors and novices. With superb prizes worth over £1000 up for grabs too, competition remained high and proved fantastic viewing.

Handlers and their dogs took part in many scurries including Pick & Mix, Multi Pick-Up, Partridge Pen, Long Retrieve, Junior Scurry, Obstacle and Pairs.

Take a look at all the results from the BASC Gundog Scurries, BASC Scurry League Final and the BASC Pairs Working Pairs below.

For all the information about the weekend’s action, visit the BASC website at

Congratulations to all who took part and to all the very worthy winners!

The Weston Park Country Fair returns to Weston Park next year over 16th & 17th September 2023. Browse this website to keep in touch with all the latest news and information.

Your countryside adventure awaits!

Take a look at all the results from inside BASC Gundog Championship below:

Saturday 17th September 2022

Pos Dog name Owner Time
  Scurry: Pick & Mix
1st Nala P. Burns 23.54
2nd Charlie C. Rees 25.55
3rd Ginny Charlie 25.99
  Scurry: Multi Pick Up
1st Castor S. Sandiford 20.22
2nd Bailey K. Cleary 20.40
3rd Hector S. Sandiford 20.47
  Scurry: Partridge Pen
1st Luna R. Marriott 18.52
2nd Castor S. Sandiford 19.77
3rd Quinn S. Chambers 19.91
  Scurry: Long Retrieve
1st Luna R. Marriott 32.63
2nd Bailey K. Cleary 33.32
3rd Quinn S. Chambers 33.59

  Scurry: Junior
1st Willow E. Hartree 20.85
2nd Thor G. Linfoot 27.71
3rd Bell N. Allen 29.06

  Scurry League Qualifier
1st Luna R. Marriott
2nd Skye L. Croft
3rd Kiwi C. Wilkinson

Sunday 18th September 2022

Pos Dog name Owner Time
  Scurry: Pick & Mix
1st Winston G Marshall 25
2nd Thorn C Wilkinson 26
3rd Biz D Stec 27
  Scurry: Multi Pick Up
1st Drake R Bunning 33
2nd Winston G Marshall 37
3rd Monty P Burns 41
  Scurry: Partridge Pen
1st Luna R Marriott 18.19
2nd Willow B Hartree 20.24
3rd Thorn C Wilkinson 20.21
  Scurry: Long Retrieve
1st Luna R Marriott 31.66
2nd Thorn C Wilkinson 36.60
3rd Winston G Marshall 36.81

  Scurry: Junior Partridge
1st Thor G Linfoot 30.12
2nd Ozzy F Gaynor 32.50

  Scurry: Junior Multi Pick Up
1st Merlin F Gaynor 44.22
2nd Thor G Linfoot 44.50

  Scurry: Junior Pick & Mix
1st Thor G Linfoot 33
2nd Merlin F Gaynor 40

  Scurry: Junior Long Retrieve
1st Ozzy F Gaynor 37.56
2nd Luna S Hills 38.12
3rd Narla M Beardsworth 46.10

Scurry League Final 2022

Pos Dog name Owner
1st Nala P. Burns
2nd Fern S. Townsend
3rd Barley K. Cleary
4th Caster S. Sandiford
5th Hector S. Sandiford


BASC Pairs Working Test 2022

Pos Dog’s name Owners



K. Dutton

N. Waddington


Artistryn Bingo at Maddistream

Fletchingly Glencoe

G. Awtry

N. Gilham




K. Jones

H. Healing




S. Cumbridge

B. Hartree