Mr Hugh's Oil

“Hugh Mason (58) works for the family farm based in Norfolk. We trace our history back to 1785, stopping there, as before that his relatives were being hanged from Norwich Castle for stealing cattle.

Today the farm is a conventional system, growing oil seed rape, wheat, rye and sugar beet of which is sold under the brand of British Sugar.

Mr Hugh’s Cold Pressed Rape Seed business was setup in 2010, with the aim of selling a locally produced product that would compete with imported oils, most notably olive oil.

We are the only cold pressed producer in the country to use presses made in England, through which we pass our own seed. Food miles are, err, 23 metres. I counted it out one day

Because of the enthusiasm of my eldest son, Arthur, we became stocked in Asda and shortly afterwards Tesco across the country. However, before this McClure’s took us onboard their range of products and we are grateful for their continued support

Mr Hugh’s oil suits the British pallet as it is considerably better value and more versatile than olive oil. With a much higher smoke point (the short period before the kitchen burns down) it allows for higher temperature cooking (less oil absorbed during the cooking process), whilst having half the saturated fat which is reassuring when making a salad dressing. For vegetarians and vegans, it is a good replacement for butter.

When compared with vegetable oils our process uses no chemicals or high-pressure distillation process and therefore the vitamin E is left in our bottle

Finally, through our charity Moth In A China Shop and with the help of a small university rugby club, we support a number of schools and charities that aim to bring sport and fitness to, particularly, children and anyone else that wishes to be involved