Gundog Events

Gundogs play an important role in many shooting sports. Whether hunting and flushing game, or tracking and retrieving, gundog breeds come in all shapes and sizes, each specifically bred for a purpose. Despite having outstanding working pedigree, our gundogs still like to have fun.

At the Weston Park Country Fair, we have a portfolio of gundog events that not only showcase the outstanding working characteristics of our gundogs, but are also great fun for dogs and handlers alike.

The Gundog Scurries provide exceptional have-a-go opportunities, for handlers and their dogs.


  • Obstacle – One seen dummy is thrown at the end of a series of bales, as this is being retrieved a second dummy is placed unseen, the winning dog will be the one that jumps the bales to retrieve the dummies in the fastest time.
  • Multi Pick up – a mixture of blind and seen retrieves
  • Partridge Pen – Consists of two retrieves. The first is thrown into a low pen and as this is being retrieved, a second dummy is placed into the pen to be collected on the second retrieve.
  • Long Retrieve – One seen dummy is thrown at a distance from the dog and handler, as this is being retrieved a second dummy is placed unseen.
  • Pick and Mix- Dogs must retrieve specified dummies form a number of possible options hidden amongst brashings

We will also be creating a brand new scurry which hasn’t been seen before, details to be confirmed