The Mole Show

The Mole Show is not a table top display of old mole traps and business cards or offending items but a full performance show about the humble mole and mans plight to be rid of it.

A combination of education and entertainment brings you history & advice with fun and laughter in a presentation that your audience will remember for a long time after. 
Sit and enjoy the fun as the reason for your unwanted guest is explained

Laugh as you understand why so many methods fail to be rid of the little man in black.

Smile as this mysterious world beneath your feet unfolds before you

Learn of a fascinating creature rarely seen never heard and in a way only the Mole Show can deliver

Presented by Jeff Nicholls the Grass Shark Hunter 

WARNING- This show is a comical look at the mole and may contain mild adult references, no live animals are used in the performance and no grass is harmed during the performance.